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Color Trend 2018: Ultra Violet!

It is the color that Pantone has consecrated as the official shade of 2018. Not just a purple, but a shade of intense ‘purple purpura’, called Ultra Violet.

Like every year, PANTONE® – the leading color company – has selected the color trend of the year and fashion, beauty and design can be influenced. The Ultra Violet is defined as “an intensely provocative and reflexive shade of violet able to communicate originality, ingenuity and a visionary thought that shows us the future”. It is a color that leads to meditation, to be practiced more and more often in the frenzy of modern everyday life. The director Eisemann explains being a color that, like our times, insists on individualism, pushing people “to imagine the special sign that they will leave in the world”.

If you agree with this vision and have fallen in love with the new shade, PANTONE® has also proposed eight color palettes to inspire you when choosing the mood of your wedding.

Have fun!


(Images Credits by PANTONE®  |  Photo Credits: Adam Opris Photography)