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Post-Wedding Tips

It is very important talking about marriage organization and do not miss any important steps or small details, but just as much attention has to be given once the party is over. People will also remember this and you have done a great job!

1. Freeze the last layer of the cake or set a reminder in your smartphone to order a new one in a year. Known as a wish of good luck, this tradition will allow you and your spouse to relive one of the most special moments you have shared. Did not you even save a little bit of your wedding cake? You can order a similar, smaller cake for your anniversary!

2. Thank-you cards and online reviews to your suppliers. Now that your wedding day has passed, it’s time to thank those who made it special… including your suppliers. Write a brief thank-you note expressing your gratitude and remember to send online reviews and share your experience.

3. Deliver thank-you cards to those who have been close to you and assisting you at all stages of the organization. From the initial wedding planning sessions at the time you made your entry walk, your “guardian angels” were at your side and helped make your wedding day special. Share your appreciation with them with a strictly personalized and handwritten thank you note.

4. If you have exceeding goodies or confetti bags, you just keep one as keepsake, but others may be a cute thought to leave or send to those friends or relatives who have not been invited to the reception or who have not been able to attend, otherwise that you will go to find or visit you or your parents. Let some of them also at your parents home so they will be prepared.

5. Complete the thank-you letters for the gifts received. Even if it looks like an endless task, set aside thirty minutes every day, or start as you receive the gifts. Use your favorite playlist as background and it will be done before you realize it!

6. Have you already thought about cleaning the dress? Well, the next step is to dye your bridal shoes to reuse them! Turn to the store where you bought it or, better still, to a good craftsman.

(Photo Credit: Federico Grego)