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Wedding Dog Sitter

On a day as special as that of your marriage, all the most important people in your life will be there to share in what is such an important moment, right? And you definitely do not want to miss anyone out, of course! So how could your loyal companion, your four-legged friend, miss out on things? Certainly as an animal lover you consider them undisputed members of the family, so the best thing, especially for them, is to entrust them to a professional who will not only take care of them for the duration of the event but make them feel part of it.

Making the best of both our contacts and suppliers to meet the needs of all you dog lovers. Our Wedding Dog Sitter will take care of them throughout, spending some time with your special guests before the ceremony, keeping them busy with a variety of activities while keeping them away from all the confusion, thus avoiding stress. They will be accompanied to the altar, bringing you the rings or waiting outside for the ceremony to be again accompanied by spouses for a few clicks of the camera. At the location, the Dog Sitter will be completely devoted to their care, providing food and water, play time and exercise. On top of that they will ensure their presence in what will be unmissable photo calls. There is also the opportunity to take advantage of many additional services in order to make your best friend’s presence even more special on what after all is the most important day of your life!