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The tradition for a bride to use a Bouquet comes from the Ancient Egypt.

They used to make an aromatic herbs bouquet to preserve the couple from bad spirits and to wish happiness, prosperity and wealth.

At the time of choosing the Bouquet, remember to keep this in mind:

  1. The budget, the season of the year, the color palette we have already chosen for the wedding, the wedding mood and wether there is any allergy to any flower or plant.
  2. If you want to preserve the bouquet, talk to your floral designer to ask for an advice about what flowers to choose, due to a best conservation of some flowers compared to others.
  3. Bouquets thrown is on your schedule? Ask to your florist to prepare a little bouquet, similar to yours, to launch in that occasion.
  4. Keep in mind your bridal gown! A simple dress fits better with a medium and simple bouquet, while a “princess” dress is preferable with a bigger and maybe more elaborated bouquet. If the fabric is very rich, with laces or embroideries, or you’ll wear a jeweled belt, is it better to choose a bouquet that won’t distract from the attention you want for the dress.
  5. Characteristics of the bride (eyes color, hair color, height, body shape)


Bouquet Styles:

Classic: spherical with short stems

Cascade: larger in the superior part and thinner below

English: similar to the “cascade”, but with an S shape

Long Stems: it respects the form of the growth of the flowers

Descontractured: it’s a mix of different styles, perfect for a Boho or a Country Wedding

The “Rosmelia”: it’s a Spanish bouquet, it appears like a big and only rose made of tons of petals

Customized: ask for an advice to your florist if you want something special, with rare flowers, feathers, or if you want to add an accessory among the flowers or to the stems.


How to hold the bouquet:

First of all: left or right hand? It depends on the entrance. If you chose the classic entrance, with the groom at the right side, you’ll give your right arm to cross the aisle and hold the bouquet with the left hand. 

With the arm near the body, lightly resting on the hip, keep the thumb at the belly-button level.

If you chose a Long Stem Bouquet, you’ll hold it just like a baby.


☞ Don’t forget the buttonhole for the Groom, (almost mandatory), Bride’s and Groom’s fathers, best men, maintaining them always in line with the whole flower decoration (getting ready homes, ceremony – church or other location -, petals to launch after the ceremony, car, reception, centerpieces, party).


I know, it could be a lot of informations, and sometimes they seem unnecessary, but believe me, they are not.

If you have any doubt or more questions, please send me an email and I’ll be happy to help you!


Love, ❤︎